Lush Daddy-O Shampoo


As I have dark blonde hair, which is regularly dyed, I was recommended this product by a staff member at Lush to prevent my hair from going brassy.

The first thing I noticed was the amazing smell! Daddy-O smells just like the sweets Parma Violets. The second thing I noticed was how little of the product you need to use, as it lathers a lot.

Since I started using this shampoo, I’ve noticed such an improvement with my hair. It looks a lot healthier and shinier (maybe because of the lemon), and it just feels a lot fresher.

I’ve read reviews online where many feel Daddy-O is ‘too drying’ on their hair. Personally, my hair gets oily quite quickly so this shampoo works really well for me. I tend to use it around two/three times a week, and use a different shampoo on the other days (blog posts on these will be up soon), purely to switch things up. I particularly like using Daddy-O before styling/curling my hair, as I find richer shampoo’s make the curls fall out within a matter of hours. The shampoo gives my hair volume!

I would definitely recommend to anyone, this is my favourite shampoo! Even if you don’t have lighter hair, the smell and quality is great. I’m onto my second bottle at the minute. A 250g bottle is £11.50 from Lush, and is also vegan friendly.

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

We want to show the world that it is possible to invent, manufacture and bring to market an entire range of products that adhere to all the legal safety requirements, without ever having to test on animals along the way.



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